Serial Dumper was a kind of a challenge to me. The idea behind the game was born while me and my team were coming back from a gamescom. The mechanics of the game seemed so easy and funny that we decided to show a very early prototype to a young publisher company we already knew. I am very happy they accepted to publish the game for Android and iOS.
The first season of the game (the one is in the stores right now) is free (with in-app purchase) but with the imminent release of the season two the game will became totally free.
The game is about love relationships and how to break them pushing the other side to do it in our place. Why? Well there are a lot of reasons...
The game looks like a instant messaging app, thing I love because it reminds to something that looks as real as grottesque (breaking up with someone using a chat is so bad!) 
The Team behind the first main game and the first season consists of 4 persons, personally I worked on the game design, UI/UX and illustrations...
...and I had so much fun!
Working on the brand and doing all the graphic assets and adv videos for the martketing team took a while but it helps reaching the goal of the season 2, that is bigger and longer than the first one. Now my role is the one of the Director and Team Manager, it's such a great experience working with a lot of international artists, voice actors and musicians.
I also made this character, "DemoGirl", as an assistant to the player and a mascotte to the game. She's a kind of an AI, like the one in the movie Her, she's smart and funny and the voice actress really pushed the character to a higher level.
Wait for the new release and get it!
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