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Hypercasual Multiplayer Experience
Game Design, UI/UX, Graphic Art
Porkettiamo is an italian food company, I was contacted to design a logo for the brand
Illustration, Graphic Design, Branding
Red Slicing Hood
Working on a game concept I found myself enjoying this character very much. She is the "classical" Little Red Hood, but with a big problem and a big knife to solve it!
Illustration, Character Design, Drawing
Old Grizzled Gamers
Character Design, Illustrations and Logo Design for a video-games reviews website
Illustration, Branding, Graphic Design
Otto Frank aka Francotto
Please say "hi" to Otto Frank :) Made in a soviet Photoshop version animated with nuclear Dragonbones to be used in Unity
Illustration, Animation, Game Design
Character Design for Frisky Business ep.2
Illustration, Drawing, Game Design
Zombie Nurse
Character Design and basic Animation test for an indie game: Frisky Business ep. 2
Game Design, Animation, Illustration
LowPoly Advergame
1D4 Advergame: a 3D realtime journey available on all the browsers and mobile, also for VR visors
Interaction Design, Game Design, Art Direction
This is my first artbook, a collection of illustrations and graphic design for game development. I had the opportunity to collect some of my works made in the past year.
Illustration, Graphic Design, Game Design
Project E.X.E
Project E.X.E is a 3D MOBA indie game. The project focus was make a playable demo to show its potential to video game publishers
Game Design, Computer Animation, Illustration
Game of the Loose
The new mobile game made by 1D4 srl is something I am really proud of. It's funny, visual engaging and well... it's made by me.
Game Design, UI/UX, Graphic Design
Vandals 'n' Roses
Story driven low poly casual game about vandals, bullies and beers.
Game Design, Graphic Design, Computer Animation
Frisky Girl
Summer, girls and video games character design
Illustration, Game Design, Drawing
JokerManiac: Pinup design
JokerManiac is a mix of a classic poker game and a multiplayer casual game for mobile smartphones. I have been engaged to design a brand new graphic style. 
Game Design, Illustration, Graphic Design
Joker Maniac - UI Design
JokerManiac is a mix of a classic poker game and a multiplayer casual game for mobile smartphones. I have been engaged to design a brand new graphic style.
UI/UX, Graphic Design, Web Design
King and sons - episode 2
After the the good results of the first episode, Media Engineering costumer asked for episode 2 of this educational learning cartoon © Media Engineering srl -
Art Direction, Computer Animation, Illustration
King and sons - episode 1
A short animated educational cartoon. © Media Engineering srl -
Art Direction, Computer Animation, Illustration
King and sons - Intro 3D
This is the intro of © Media Engineering srl -
Computer Animation, Illustration, Motion Graphics
Theoreo is the mascot of a leader game rooms management application. All the copyrights belong to the owners
Advertising, Character Design, Graphic Design
Fantastic Traveler
I made this short cartoon while I was working at Media Engineering. All the properties go to the owners. © Media Engineering srl -
Character Design, Animation, Storyboarding
Vintage adv cartoon intro
From the storyboard concept to the final result. This is an example of my workflow working on a simple cartoon used by a Media Engineering client for his catalogue showreel. All the properties go to the owners © Media Engineering srl -
Animation, Illustration, Motion Graphics
Little Ant
This little guy is the main character from the pilot of an animated cartoon serie. It's a kind of a magic being wearing an ant costume. I made the entire character design in Adobe Animate CC with some basic animations like a turnaround and a walkcycle from different sides
Illustration, Graphic Design, Animation
Fable Cartoon - Tuscany countryside
This clip comes from the pilot of an animated cartoon serie. The environment is the beautiful Tuscany in Italy. You can see my workflow through the images. From the concept, used in the storyboard to the vector art finishing with the post-processed final image. I am really proud of this scene it gives to me the right mood for the episode.
Illustration, Animation, Computer Animation
Serious Medical Game
It's a simple "right answer" quiz game for educational purpose. I had fun giving a classical "point & click" feeling to it, like it was a first person adventure game with puzzles to resolve. All the illustrations were made in Adobe Animate, the "engine" is Articulate Storyline 2 which makes me easy to export the final result in html5. All the rights come to Media Engineering srl.
Illustration, Interaction Design, Game Design
Cricket adventures
Some frames and workflows from a teaser video. © Media Engineering srl -
Animation, Drawing, Illustration
Oliver for Extravoglio
Extravoglio by Piero Palanti is more than an online guidebook about extra virgin olive oil. It talks about passion, love, history and competence. I've designed Oliver, inspired by Piero himself and his passion and competence for "olive" oil (from which the origin of the name Oliver). Oliver is used in the guidebook and on the website. I feel myself lucky to have had the opportunity to work with him and the B-Eat team.
Illustration, Graphic Design, Cartooning
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